It’s called where I want to be

I’m confused,
I’m afraid,
I don’t know why,

I’m currently in the middle of those path,
I’m thinking about what will I choose,
by listing all the consequence.

They said,
you have to grow,
to go where I want to be,

Ok, I try.
And it’s tiring, for sure..

They said,
It’s ok, because you still learning,
Some mistakes it’s ok,
As long as you want to improve it to be better,

Ok, i agree.
And then I need a breathe..
To rest,
But how much I said I want to rest for a while?

Where i’m now, are need to say
“I’m learning”,
“I’m true to myself”,
“I embrace the present”,
Until “I have the power”,
And it’s called this is where i want to be.

It is true?